Removable Orthodontic Appliance for Kids & Adults

Which orthodontic treatment is the best choice for your family? For doctors, how can you know which is the right orthodontic appliances or treatment to implement for the challenges facing your practice today?

Whether you are:

  • An adult who wants to straighten or correct misaligned teeth in the most affordable and efficient way available
  • A parent seeking affordable, corrective, and preventive orthodontics for their children
  • A dentist, orthodontist, or pedodontist looking to offer the best orthodontic treatment around, low overhead, and quick results

Discover the Ortho-Tain® removable orthodontic appliances and techniques that have already helped over 2 million patients worldwide – and changed how experts think about orthodontic treatment!

What Makes Ortho-Tain® Different?

While achieving a beautiful result with cosmetic dentistry is important, it is just as vital to understand and correct the underlying reasons for a misaligned smile. Comparing the cost and completion time is an important deciding factor for orthodontic treatment, yet one must also consider whether their fixed treatment or invisible braces are really correcting the underlying problems. Early orthodontic correction is critical for long-lasting and healthy results.

Ortho-Tain® appliances are the only removable orthodontic appliance cleared by the FDA to correct both functional and cleared by the FDA beautiful Class I Occlusion – in other words, a great, healthy smile. This includes but is not limited to: treating overbite, overjet (known as buck teeth), crowding, spacing, TMJ disorders and malocclusion. Consider a few of these high quality, time-tested solutions:

  • Ortho-T®: A fast, affordable way to straighten teeth without braces for adults, teens, and pre-teens.
  • Occlus-o-Guide®:The clear choice of children orthodontics during the transition of baby teeth and permanent teeth, (referred to as the mixed dentition).
  • Nite-Guide®:For early intervention of orthodontic treatment for children ages 5 to 7, this easy-to-wear appliance provides precise tooth and TMJ development for children. It often prevents the need for braces or orthodontic treatment in their teen years, (referred to as Interceptive Orthodontics and Early Treatment).
  • Snore-Cure®:An appliance that comfortably works as a cure for snoring, by allowing unrestricted airflow while sleeping for a good night’s rest.

Also, if you are considering or currently using traditional braces, ask your orthodontist about having your braces taken off significantly sooner! Ortho-Tain® also offers several products to help speed up treatment time for fixed treatment, such as braces.

Myotrainer Appliances for Poor Oral Habits

Harmful oral habits such as thumb-sucking, finger-sucking, mouth breathing, incorrect swallowing, and poor tongue position can have a detrimental impact on a child’s facial and dental development. Myotrainer appliance therapy is designed to address these issues and help very young patients eliminate bad oral habits and improve overall health and development before permanent teeth appear and irreversible damage occurs.

We can help you select the right appliance for your patient, determine the appropriate habit – correcting exercise or the right combination of exercises that will be most effective for your patient and provide you with some case examples to show your patients and their parents just how easy and effective myotrainer appliance therapy can be.